What to expect?

Maternity Photoshoot Planning

Is your bump clearly shown and your due date is getting closer? Excited to receive the little one, and want to document it? Feeling beautiful and feminine? Let’s do this! 


Ideally, you’re ready for the shooting as long as your pump is big enough to show in photos. you decide when, and we make it happen! 


This shooting is probably your first one with me, and I would like to make it easier for you.. I also want you to enjoy its outcome and be proud of the resulting photos many years to come – so lets talk details.. 

What to wear?

Family Photoshoot

​Option one: Classy outwear dresses 

Option 2: Casual dresses 

Option 3: lace & dentelle long dresses

Option 5: Casual Jeans and shirt


Select few outfits and I will help you choose. We will eventually plan our shooting around it in the way that is most customized to you and how welling you are to change them. Before you select, remember; 


  1. Comfort comes first!

  2. Color and texture comes first! Oops! I mean next after comfort J  The outfit you choose should be of colors complementing your skin tone and the white background, I am always in favor of lighter colors for mothers to be.  Dotted, lines, flowers, soft textures, transparent, lace (dentelle); basically, things that indicate comfort, happiness, and flawlessness of the miracle your holding within.  

  3. Jewelry; something that complements your outfit, and offcourse don’t forget your engagement wedding ring! (if it is too tight by now, no worries, your hands alone will do J). 

What about your baby-to-come?

What will you be wearing? 

  1. What have you bought for the baby-to-come, that could be useful in the shooting?

Do you have them little newborn shoes, socks, and sleeping suites? A cute toy? Excellent, we could use those in the shooting. 


  1. Physically, are you able to sit, lay on the floor, or would you rather stand and sit only?


  1. What would your husband be wearing? Yes, we need to plan what he would wear too, and lets keep it simple. Pears of jeans, or a trousers of a color that goes with what your wearing nor necessary matching colors. I always prefer shirts over t-shirts. A brown or sportish shoes will always make him look less serious and more funcky, a funcky hat is also good for a change.. glasses? Watch? Why not?

How to get creative?

What will you be wearing? 

  1. Can we write or draw on your tummy?

  2. I like indoors because we can get silly, so can we write on your tummy? Henna or tato stickers? Why not? JThink about it.. and here are few ideas..

Not your first kid?

Baby & other kids photoshoot

​How old are the kids? If they are too young to decide for themselves, have them wear colors that complement your and their daddy’s wear. If they are a bit older, let them wear their favorite! We want them happy and cooperative during the shooting, and don’t worry even if it did not match the color range of your and daddy’s it will be fun for them to standout! 

How to start this?

What will you be wearing? 


Now that most ideas are on the table, let’s talk on WhatsApp about what you can bring onboard to make this happen. No need to buy anything, let’s work with what we have J


Before we start; Here are few things I need you to send me on whatsapp; 


  • Send me your picture on Whatsapp. 

  • Send me your husband’s picture on Whatsapp. 

  • Send me the dresses your thinking of wearing.

  • Send me the  baby stuff photos on Whatsapp. 


Lets do this!!! J

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