Top 10 things you need to know about your wedding Photographer before you hire him/her

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Its your wedding, have you selected a photographer already?

Here are the Top things you should know before you decide on a wedding photographer:

1. Do you like their style and their production of your color tone?

The most important when deciding on a wedding photographer is to like their style. Invest sometime navigating their website or ask for sample albums to see if you would like the final product. Are you comfortable with their style of documenting stories? Do you like the natural colors or are you looking for a specific style ? Is your wedding retro or modern? Do you like their album design?

Also, do you like the style they process your skin tone? Not every photographer can capture a natural color for all tones; white, Arabs or Africans.. also if you have a mixed racial marriage you want to make sure they are able to control their lighting and editing so that you both would look nice despite of the difference in color.

2. Do they have all the skills needed for all wedding activities?

want to be sure your photographer will be able to capture everything that is important for you, if you dream about the perfect portrait picture with your makeup and dress and your photographer is specialized in events photography you might not end up with any close up portrait photos as he/she will be focusing in capturing the movement and mood rather than faces. If your not sure about what your looking for make sure to detail your wedding events with your photographer and see examples if similar work - if you like it then your good to go.

3. Do you like their personality?

Are you able to talk to them about what you like and what you don't? Are you comftable being in the same room with them? Remember that weddings are stressful and your photographer will be with you during the whole wedding so make sure you like them, you don’t want someone you don’t like hanging around you in such an important day - this is not just a job, it’s a documentation of one of your most important life events, so share them with someone present to remember.

4. How comprehensive is their package?

Are you getting everything you need to document your wedding day? Are you getting an Album or Digital images? Would you get a video highlight? Would you get the next day presentation so that you sneak a peek to your wedding day the morning after? Discuss with your photographer on the details of their packages, and what you will be getting.

5. Do they have a planning session before the wedding? Do they invest time in connecting with you?

A planning session is your oppertunity to discuss with your photographer what you want and how you wish to see yourself, to hook them up with your wedding planner, or expose them to your wedding's progrem.. To show them photos of your families and friends that they are to focus on during the wedding.. Also make sure to mention what you don't want to see in your wedding documentation; i.e. some people think photos of drunk people at the end of the party are nice memories, while others prefer not to include it in their memories of that day.. Your photographer can also help you with the sequence of the program, and the selection of the family and group photos locations, to name but a few.

6. Are they creative in posing for bridal and family portraits?

A creative photographer will be able to create original photos, not only to capture moments during the party and preparation, but to create creative portraits for you, your family and friends. Ask to see examples of previous work and discuss ideas and scenarios before you commit to a photographer.

7. Do they have a Payment plan, when should you expect the payment?

Most photographers will require a down-payment before the wedding day.. Some will require the rest of the money on the wedding day & some would have flixable payment scheemes.. Weddings are expensive, and it is worth the investment, so make sure to know your options and plan accordingly.

8. How much work do you need to do before & after the shooting?

Its important to know how much work do you need to do for your photos to get as you wish, how long do you need to get ready before your reception so that the photographer gets a chance to capture your details and creative bridal portraits.. when do you share photos of your family and friends so that the photographer focuses on them during the cermoney & party.. do you need to select the photos after the wedding for the album or would the photographer select it for your approval.. make sure to know what is needed from your side.

9. How long would it take for you to receive your images?

That is an important question to be asked - when would I get the images/ the album? would you get everything one time, or would you get it progressively? For example some photographers will share with you a peresentation the morning after, and mobile photos on whatsapp so that you immediattely see how you looked in your wedding day. Remember, you want to agree upfront so that your clear if you have to wait.

10. Does she/he has experience capturing weddings of your culture?

Different gestures mean different things in different cultures, is your photographer able to understand your culture? Do you change dress in your wedding day, or do you remain in white the whole day/ Evening.. Do you leave the party with your groom or do you stay until everyone has gone.. or do you leave with your friends to continue the party in a more chilled location.. Even if your photographer doesn't have previous experiance with your culture, make sure to explain to him your cermonial and traditional/religious wedding events so that he's clear on which moments to capture, i.e. is your cermoney in a church or a Muslim Wedding registration at home? Is it a mixed wedding or a female only wedding where he's/she's not allowed to take photos of guests?

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