Family session - what to wear?

Always consult me on what to wear

  1. HAIR - simple styles and clean

  2. HANDS & NAILS - clean and trimmed

  3. MOMS – wear makeup



  • I recommend limiting your colors to 2 or 3 and choosing a complimentary color palette is great, 

  • layered is great, you can get more looks that way and shows personality

  • bright colors & prints - mix & match

  • bring accessories for props - hats, toys, bracelets

  • scuffed shoes just look bad and will show in your images



- solid colored onesies in bright or pastel colors are great.

- nappy covers | special blankets & teddy bears | headpieces or hats


Note:  be sure to bring at least one change of clothing in case of spills.  Avoid:  anything that overwhelms your baby - giant headbands for example.  It is really best to keep it simple.


For Families with kids

  • Bring easy to munch snacks for a little break, a surprise for the kids mid-session.  We know kids get tired and hungry so it’s great to have something on hand.   Don’t tell the kids you have them though ‘cause we all know what will happen then.  Best to have bottled water or juice also.

  • Clean up wipes, just in case|extra diapers or pullups for the little ones

  • Bring a change of clothing for each child and something for yourself as well - in case of spills

  • Always a great idea to bring sunscreen and hats for you & the kids  

  • A hairbrush is a must for touch-ups. 

  • A sweater or jacket is a great option in case it gets windy or cool or simply for an extra look.



Don’t forget any props you want, a stuffed toy, a special book, anything that is special to your child

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