It’s a documentation then refinement to your big day

Timeless preserved moments to live forever

You want to remember your wedding day as a happy day. A day you felt tremendous love & support from those who matter to you the most.  You also want to remember the perfection in the details you spent a bunch of money to create and the hard work put for your day to come through. You also want to justify all the effort to yourself, “yes, it’s been a hard work” - every bride will tell you, and only those successful will add “but it was worth it”.


Your wedding is a full detailed & sophisticated project that you in a collaboration with few significant have collaborated to see it succeed.​

And like every successful project, documentation is important. Why? Because you want to revisit it, in time. 


And when you do, you want to relive the moments that made it special, to see the faces whose hearts touched you... 


So, the documentation of that day has to be handled delicately & in style. A true capture of key moments, feelings and the hard work is necessary.  For that to happen successfully you need someone sensitive to feel it, at the same time talented to capture it, and professional to represent it to you the way you want to see it. Someone skilled enough to enhance & refine a moment that was already perfect if not for the small faults happening every now & then... the acne your makeup couldn’t cover, the spit on your groom’s lips in a moment that shall live forever, the small dirt in your wedding dress... to name but a few.


An observant eye to correct a wrong before it happens, that’s why your photographer will give you a tip to smile slightly for your wedding’s portrait, will slightly twist your ring on your finger to show the right angel and will guide you through moments you wish happen and captured - the kiss on the forehead, the first glance your groom held at you, the dressing up among close friends.. 


Because you can’t observe something without ruining it, you need that photographer of yours to be with a light presence ... someone you liked and felt comfortable around... someone maybe funny... respectful... intelligent in body language and understanding eyes and modes… A truly pleasant soul who’s close enough but far and almost transparent enough that you didn’t even know he/she’s captured that.

How about we do it all?

For your peace of mind

In a nutshell we can do it all. Your engagement party, your romantic per-wedding, you’re at home small ceremony, the small party at your parents’ house, and your full wedding day... the photos, the videos, the invitations and presentations. 


You will have me or one of my creative senior photographers with you along your full journey. to learn you and deeply define what’s relevant and important to you, let us surprise you and be there for you through the whole journey.

Time is everything in a wedding

Ill be there to capture it 

A wedding is all about getting the activities done on time and according to plan. Your photographer has to know the plan and plan his photography around it. 


Those activities however vary from a culture to another, and capturing details require different photography lens than a wide family portrait session. Also, your photographer might move around with more than one camera to capture all significant moments and document the story. he/she cannot afford missing the moment, so make sure you have a professional experience who’s well aware of time & share your wedding plan with him/her upfront.

Getting ready counts

God is in details

In a typical wedding we will shoot the setup & location first, then the bride & groom’s details. tie, dress, shoes, hair, rings, shoes and so on...


Those details matter because they’re the introduction to the story. to capture them properly your photographer needs you to put out all your details in a box or in one place so that he/she can design and photograph them as soon as he/she arrives.


It is often a great advantageous benefit of the natural sun light, wedding theme and the wedding’s location. A shot of the wedding dress in the wedding ball room before any of the invitees arrive is a common shot in Abu Dhabi for example. But sometimes we like to shoot the dress hanging from a chandelier, or on a unique door or window .. 


The rings could be captured in the bride’s flower bokeh, in an authentic piece of furniture, or in a wedding cupcake.


There are many details that only an artistic soul would be able to present and capture delicately.

The family & friends’ portraits

Those who matter the most 

I like to take portraits in weddings, what’s a better occasion for a family portrait?


If you have a big family, and a complex one which is multiple families within one then it’s often harder to gather everyone at the same place and organize them, but those are my favorite type of family portraits.


Great to have them after the bride’s and groom’s shooting and before the party. Usually doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to take it especially when there are older parents and kids who can’t patiently wait.

If your interested in those type of portraits which are traditional with a touch of modern, then you have found your destination.


I will guide you to pose, for that standing and looking at the camera is not how it’s done anymore. there has to be enough touches among the family members to show warmth and connection in the family portrait, but also there has to be a balanced mixture of space between the small families to show identity. The bride & groom are ideally centering the portrait and the rest of the members surrounding them. 

Capturing the moments

Ceremony & Party

During the ceremony there are those moments that should live forever, a stolen glance with love, a smile from a distance sharing a heartbeat in happiness, a gentle hand touch, a spark in the eye in gratitude.

Also, the fun, the lust, the dancing and shouting and laughter! 


Drums, Dabkah, traditional ceremonies... the wildness, loudness and shouts of happiness and excitement!


Tears of joy, warm hugs, love, joy and celebration!

Whatsapp the day after

Quick, how did I look? and how was it?

In my wedding I was greatful for the WhatsApp group my friends has done and shared all the photos .. I’ve seen them in the morning after and I knew exactly how I looked, who was there and what happened after we left.


I love to share a sneak peek with brides and grooms so that the excitement continues .. it’s also a great starter of a conversation between the newly wed.

Presentation while its emotional

The Story

3 days later

You will receive a short-edited highlight of the wedding; to entertain the wedding’s buzz and excite you for the rest of the photos, also comfort you while waiting. You can also share it with your loved ones who could not make it to your wedding, announce your married on social media & update your WhatsApp display picture.

Your Digital images

Digital Images

within one month

I’ll send you all your edited digital images via or will make you an online gallery to view it on your mobile and download it for when your offline.

The print: you or me?

Wedding Album

2 weeks later

If you have the time and would like to select your album images would be great. If you like me however to select the album images which will be about 45 images, I’ll gladly do it, and I will make sure you look beautiful in all the images selected. 


Beautiful, loved and happy. That is the memory you deserve of your big day. So, let’s still the time, refine the moment and preserve it forever.

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