Ruba Eltigani & Husband (Josef Jenik)

Photography by Ruba Eltigani Photography team,

Abu Dhabi, 2019

Ruba the Entreprenure

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Maternity Photography

Ruba the Photographer

while I worked 9-5 as a Product Manager I ran my side Photography business. 

If your here to explore my photography services (family, newborn, corporate, and fashion), Photography affiliation an other cooperations, then  you have landed in the right place.


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Online Shopping

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Attention Photography clients

Join more than 5,000 loyal followers and satisfied customers who prefer me over many many other photographers in Abu Dhabi. My style is timeless, and based on the quick and deep connection I build with my clients. I believe that photography is about preserving a precious moment, refine it, and revisit it again and again and again.

My team are I are proud and excited about giving you a photography experience that helps you to self-reflect  see yourself through a professional lens that shows you at your best most genuine portrait, document your family relations and refine it to hand you an image you like to watch constantly, and most of all give you fantastic images!! and a great experiance!!

I welcome affiliation and photography cooperations, and happy to share my framework and expertise with newbie photographers upon request. 

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